You can now have Sleepovers at Tigers!!!


You can HIRE Tigers Indoor Play for your very own SLEEPOVER!!!

Bring your friends, your club members or your family, and spend the night at the most amazing Venue for a sleepover!


Play on the frame till late, have some supper, wake up to breakfast!


Maximum of 100 children plus the appropriate number of supervising staff/parents


Stay all night from 6:30pm to 8:30am, any night from Wednesday to Saturday!


So why not spend a night sleeping inside tigers in your own sleeping bag, anywhere you want inside the building, with your friends, and have the whole place to yourselves for the entire night!


Secure Venue

Free Wi-Fi

Bring your own food or have us supply hot or cold meals

Free unlimited Cordial Squash

Complimentary Tea/instant coffee for adult supervisors/parents

Large free car park for vehicles overnight

Tigers staff on duty all night

So what do you need to bring?


A sleeping mat or small air bed

A warm sleeping bag

Warm clothes



Don’t forget to bring your evening supper and breakfast, or we can organize your food…

We can supply all of your catering needs, making the food to suit your requirements. Whether you want a full evening meal and to choose from the below Hot or Cold Buffet Menu.


As it’s your private hire session, you can bring all of your own food and drink for the sleepover or we can supply the catering.

Cold Buffet: £5.00 per child


  • Platter of Various Sandwiches (Cheese, Ham, Jam & Tuna-mayo)
  • Salad Sticks (Carrots/Cucumber)
  • Bowl of Assorted Crisps
  • Unlimited Cordial Juice

Hot Buffet: £6.00 per child


  • Chips
  • Baked Beans
  • 100% Chicken Nuggets
  • Bowl of Assorted Crisps
  • Unlimited Cordial Juice
So what's the cost?

Prices for Sleepovers


The cost for the overnight sleepover hire is £800 + Vat

(Vat is charged at the current rate)

You Might Like These Add-ons:
Sleepover Hire Terms & Conditions and Guidelines

Tigers Indoor Play Ltd strive to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, however, to get the most out of your visit to Tigers, there are a few basic terms and conditions that exist to protect us and you. By booking with us or entering the venue you are agreeing to these terms.

  1. The ratio of adult supervisors to children attending the sleepover is based on the age of the participating children; 5-7 years old 1:4, 7-10 years old 1:6 and 10-15 year old 1:8
  2. A list of emergency contact details for all participating children MUST be in the possession of the Booking organizer, and kept at the venue overnight.
  3. The play frame will be closed to the attending children from 22:30hrs to 06:30hrs.
  4. The Booking organizer is responsible for the children attending the sleepover to be re-united with their parent/guardian/carer at the conclusion of the event.
  5. All Sleepover guest must be off the premises by 08:45hrs.
  6. An adult supervisor from the Sleepover Party must remain awake during the entire night, this can be on a rota basis and not necessarily the same person for the entire night.
  7. Children MUST bring a sleeping mat or small air bed, a warm sleeping bag and warm clothing.
  8. Please note; In conditions of rain and high wind, excess noise can be created in the venue.
  9. All persons must obey the safety rules at all times for the safety of themselves and others. Customers will be removed from the venue (without refund) if they fail to follow the rules.
  10. Indoor Play is a physical activity, therefore please take all reasonable precautions as you would when exercising, such as bringing an asthma inhaler, wearing sensible clothing.
  11. We recommend those with heart conditions, light sensitive epilepsy, who are pregnant, or any other condition that may become worse with physical activity, do not enter the frame.
  12. Use of the venue and equipment is entirely at your own risk.
  13. A non-refundable charge of 50% is required to secure the booking of your party. Until this fee is paid, your proposed party date is not confirmed, and may be lost if another party is booked and paid for on the same date.
  14. Any café tab for food and drink, or extra charge for any additional upgrade, must be paid for in full on completion of the Sleepover and before leaving the venue.
  15. Be advised that all food products within the party or café meals may contain traces of nuts.
  16. For Sleepovers, Tigers Indoor Play Ltd, WILL allow other food and drink to be brought into the play centre.
  17. Pre-payment is non-refundable, however at the discretion of the management, you may re-arrange for a different day or timeslot.
  18. Payment can be made by cash, credit or debit card, but unfortunately we cannot accept American Express. Sorry personal cheques are also not accepted.
  19. We reserve the right to alter the contents of the party package.
  20. The Sleepover is for a maximum permitted number of 100 children, plus the appropriate number of supervising staff/parents.
  21. Although a dedicated Tigers staff member is assigned to remain on site throughout the night, we are not a child care service and we cannot be responsible for the behaviour of the children sleeping in the premises throughout the hire period.
  22. We do require that all children attending the Sleepover MUST be supervised by responsible adults at all times.
  23. Our staff are not responsible for the welfare of your children.
  24. Responsible adults must accompany children at all times and ensure a reasonable level of behavior is maintained.
  25. All children and adults entering the play structure, MUST wear socks.
  26. We do request that guests familiarize themselves with the Rules of Play which are clearly displayed in Tigers reception and inside Tigers Indoor Play Ltd main play area, as by booking with us or entering the venue, you are agreeing to the RULES of PLAY.